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A modern renaissance woman - actress, creature performer, alt model and a multi-faceted neurospicy creative with a linguist and STEM background who hates writing bios, especially in the third person, but here we are!  

Born-and-raised in Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia), Néa Dune is now splitting her time between Europe and USA (Los Angeles). She first moved overseas as an extraordinary abilities alien in the fall of 2015. After arriving in Hollywood, it took less than 2 weeks to land her first feature film role and hair modeling campaigns, ultimately earning her a greencard in record time down the line. 

Néa speaks 8 languages with a great ear for dialect/accents and nurtures a rich skillset, breaking glass ceilings and reaping awards in every field she immerses herself into. She has worked with renowned film directors and creators over the years, appeared in various film and television productions, both mainstream and indie; modeled for a plethora of brands and projects, with being crowned top 5 US alt models in 2018, having graced 40+ magazine covers worldwide thus far. Néa first gained recognition through international publications worldwide and vixen roles over a decade ago, and now works as a local hire in the US and EU, represented on both coasts and in EU/UK/AU.  

Before her move overseas, Néa studied acting at the only English-language acting school in Zagreb - International Arts Center, and continued honing her craft through L.A. workshops with respected teachers and industry coaches. Before starting her on-camera career, she earned two Master degrees in linguistics and STEM fields, won a Rector's Award for her work and continued with a ph.D, before escaping to pursue her career in entertainment full-time.  Now SAG-Core, Néa also directed, wrote, cast and produced 2 projects in festival circuit gathering over a dozen laurels, including winning a Best International Short Film award for her debut "SlavInLA" that she is developing into a full project. She is a regular invitee to judge at festivals and various contests - including the World Monologue Games. 


Néa has been a dedicated volunteer and humanitarian for the majority of her life, both directly hands-on (i.e. from environmental work in Croatia and Iceland, or training low-income dancers competitions in Croatia, to US ambassadorships and events with a cause) and online to bring awareness to various causes she advocates for as an invisible illness warrior; environmental and conservation, equality, alt subcultures and her own native culture. She has served in the European Youth Parliament for a full decade, which also enabled her to master fluency in English language. As a certified life coach specializing in helping other O1 and EB1 foreigners to the USA, her clients all have 100% success stories!  Finally, she restarted Croatia's NASA Space Apps Challenge chapter, bringing in her ph.D bestie and collaborating with Macedonian team to bring the Balkans and innovations together. 

Ever since early childhood she has been creative, always crafting and bringing her ideas to life as a true neurodivergent polymath. As such, Néa achieved a lot of firsts - including recognition as the first Croatian alt model and the most successful to this day; the first Croatian mermaid (mersona SireNea) and creator of MerAdria (Croatia's first mermaid retreat benefitting her native Adriatic Sea), the youngest academic researcher at the time, as well the first regional alternative aerialist at the time.  

Always on the hunt for new skills and abilities, Néa enjoys make-up/hair/styling as a certified artist and content production when she is not in front of the camera. She is mermaid SireNea with freediving and scuba certifications in progress; stilt-walker, archer and lover of various extreme sports; trained professional dancer/former competitor with 20+ years of experience (international ballroom) and aerialist with 10+ (pole, lyra/aerial hoop), specializing in stunts of such nature; an avid globetrotter and linguistic aficionada (native Croatian; native level in Balkan languages Serbian and Bosnian; fluent English and Master degree in Spanish; proficient in German, French and Latin, also Slovenian etc.) often giving her voice for commercials.  

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