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M e r A d r i a  is the first Croatian mermaid retreat & mini-convention

with a cause, benefitting the Adriatic Sea and its marine life.  

Croatia  (local name: Hrvatska)  is the land of a 1000 islands

with centuries of rich history and breathtaking  nature, as well as home to a small river town with  mermaids on its crest - which is where

MerAdria's creatrice SireNea hails from! 

Join us in savoring the fragrant air and crystal clear sea full of life as you experience our famous hospitality and Mediterranean soul food. 

Immerse yourself in the real-life fantasy world of MerAdria, an exclusive eco-paradise on a new Croatian island each year!  


Crystal Salt


MerAdria  Mer-Cation


21.-25. August 2023. 

Crystal Salt


MerAdria  2024 

Retreat  &  mini-Con

03.-10. August 2024.

Headliner:  Hannah Mermaid

Meet  the       Team

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