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 by  SireNea (HR)  X  Nathuoriel (SLO)  & Arabella mermaid academy (SLO)

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Hannah Fraser created the vocation of  ‘Freelance Mermaid’ in 2003. She has been hailed as Queen of the mermaids, featured worldwide for her ocean conservation and underwater performance art, creating spectacular mermaid tails, performing for film, music videos, photo campaigns, public speaking, events & environmental actions.  Hannah trains mermaids for live stage acts and underwater performances, curating alluring groups of sirens to delight audiences worldwide. She dances with sharks, whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, rays and more in the open ocean, capturing breathtaking imagery of human & animal encounters, as an advocate for ocean protection, female empowerment, animal conservation and universal love! 

Hannah Mermaid is joining MerAdria Retreat for 3 days to teach her signature classes, including  Underwater and Dry Mermaid Modeling (both group and one-on-one classes),  Underwater tips and tricks, Conservation and Activism through Mermaiding. 


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