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M e r  A d r i a  is the first and only Croatian mermaid movement and eco-retreat with a cause, benefitting the Adriatic Sea and its marine life - brought to you by certified local professionals in sync/love with our planet🔱established in 2021. 

Local name Hrvatska - a land of a 1000 islands with centuries of rich history and breathtaking nature, easily justifies its famed hashtag  #croatiafulloflife  awarded "Most Desirable European Country 2023" by Wanderlust Travel Awards, and "Cleanest swimming water in Europe 2024" by European Commission and European Environment Agency  (also home to a star-shaped river town with mermaids on its crest - where MerAdria's creatrice SireNea hails from) 

Immerse yourself in the real-life fantasy world of MerAdria - join us for a unique experience combining mermaiding and eco-tourism! Make a difference for the environment while you nurture your body and mind! 

🔱 Sirene za Jadran - Mermaids for the Adriatic 🔱


?  Why mermaiding  ?

➕ zen and meditation

➕ workout without pressure

➕ positive impact on our seas & waters (protect, clean, respect)

➕ inclusivity - every body is a mermaid body; we are all the same  in/under water


🔱 sustainability 🔱 3R 🔱 altruism 🔱 meliorism🔱

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MerAdria  2023


Lošinj island, 18.-25.8.2023. 



MerAdria  2024


Vis  island, Croatia

August 3-10, 2024 

⬅️  WITH  ➡️


Brett Stanley 

Hannah Mermaid


LOCATION Vis, remote island 🇭🇷 🇪🇺  🗺️

The farthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland in Dalmatia region.

It's a real-life retreat for Adriatic sea's native marine species, including bottlenose dolphins, loggerhead sea turtles and Mediterranean monk seal, alongside its world-famous Blue and Green Caves!

Closest Croatian airport is Split - from where ferry and catamaran continue to Vis; ferries also go from Italian ports like Ancona.


🐚 Photo+Video underwater shoots by Brett Stanley - world's most famous mermaid photographer 

​🐚 Exclusive Workshop "Servant of the Sea" by Hannah Fraser - first professional mermaid in the world, as seen in the viral Netflix series "MerPeople

𓇼 learn everything from Conservation through Mermaiding to Modeling underwater in an Eco-friendly way, and receive a certificate

🐚 Unleash Your Inner Mermaid class & ritual by Taja Divine, visibility expert, divine feminine educator, creator of MermaidHair Towel  (gifted to each attendee)

𓇼 Props provided (lyra/aerial hoop, ghost nets...) 

𓇼 Mermaid tails & monofins available for attendees during the retreat who don't have their own yet! 

𓇼 Professional Makeup & Styling assistance for shoots available upon request

🐚 Adoption of endangered marine animals native to Adriatic sea

🐚 Participation in eco-activities and edu-tainment activities

🐚 Mermaiding & Dry content creation

🐚 Local sights exploration

🐚 Welcome package & Farewell gift bag

🐚 MerAdria lottery - win a free silicone mermaid tail by MerAlex when we sell out the retreat! 

🐚 MerAdria Market pop-up (free seller booth for retreat attendees)

🐚 all-inclusive !!!

(besides getting to/from retreat in Croatia, Vis island) 

+  a few more surprises !!!


🐚 Deposit 500€  (payment plans available)

🐚 Prices -  full 8 days retreat:

early bird 1499€ (till April 4)

1699€  (till July 1)

1899€  (closing July 15)

🐚referral bonus for each registered attendee, you receive -10% off your own fee!

🐚 group discount for merpods & mer/dive schools! 

🧜‍♀️ under 18 w/parental advisory


Hannah Mermaid

Hannah Fraser created the vocation of  ‘Freelance Mermaid’ in 2003. She has been hailed as ‘Queen of the mermaids’, featured worldwide for her ocean conservation and underwater performance art, creating her mermaid tails, performing, public speaking & environmental actions, as well as training mermaids for performances.

Hannah has long been a stand for empowerment and women being able to express their beauty with a deep connection to nature and the ocean. Hailing from Australia, Hannah dances with sharks, whales dolphins, seals, turtles, rays and more in the open ocean, capturing breathtaking imagery of human & animal encounters, as an advocate for ocean protection, female empowerment and animal conservation! 


Brett Stanley

Born in Australia, now based in Los Angeles, California, Brett Stanley has established himself as a trailblazing underwater photographer and cinematographer. Renowned for his imaginative underwater images, Brett has garnered recognition for pushing the boundaries of this specialized genre and his works graced magazines, album covers, and earned him several prestigious awards  worldwide.
Brett's expertise extends to coaching underwater performers with a knack for bringing out the best in individuals, even those unfamiliar with being underwater or swimming. He champions the empowerment of women in his field while advocating for marine conservation, urging sustainable practices and stewardship of our oceans.


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Meet  the         Team

MerAdria logo blue transparent.png

                             SireNea (HR)

Croatia’s first, and only professional mermaid (since 2012), and a PSS certified freediver. On land Néa is a professional actress, model, MUA and multi-faceted creative, splitting time between Europe and USA.

As a volunteer and humanitarian for more than 15 years, environmental work is a cause extremely important to Néa. She conceived MerAdria in the heat of the pandemic lockdowns, and strives for it to become an international oasis for merfolk while raising awareness and benefitting her native Adriatic Sea & its marine life.

                          Arabella (SLO)

Slovenia's first pro mermaid and founder of Arabella Mermaid Academy, swim teacher and a lifeguard. She turned professional and became an instructor in the Philippines with IMSIA, and later competed in the World Mermaid Championship 2019 in China. 

Through the art of mermaiding, she wants to bring magic into the life of others, inspire and raise awareness about ocean pollution. Barbara is also publishing a children's mermaid book to teach children about values, the importance of gratitude and dreaming, because dreams do come true if you believe!



Tamy Deluxe (SLO) 

Graphic designer (MerAdria logo & banners), award-winning tattoo artist (including SireNea's scales), costumer specialising in 18th century, aspiring mermaid tail designer, Nitrox & PADI open water advanced certified diver. 

MerAlex (IT) 

Italian tailmaker for Disney Italia (The Little Mermaid premiere) and art professor with a Master in Fine Arts and Special FX in Rome, Italy. He created SireNea's unique, realistic skintone silicone tail! 

Nathuoriel (SLO) 

Ambient vocalist creating unique haunting, ethereal, siren music; she is behind the songs in most MerAdria videos. Nath is a singing and Japanese language coach, as well as a certified AIDA** freediver.  

🤝  SireNea  X  4Ocean 

🤝  MerAdria  X  SireNea  X  Adriatic Guardian

🤝  Nea Dune  X  Defending the Endangered for Love Song for a Mermaid  movie


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